Expo Preaching

This Website is provided to present expository preaching from evangelical Anglicans around Australia both for your edification and to help you in developing your own preaching style. There is no cost to use it but if you would like to contribute a small donation to EFAC Australia to help with the cost of maintaining the site your gift would be welcome.  


 Preachers are invited to contribute on the understanding that:

1. their sermons are primarily expository in style. This could include topical preaching as well as preaching on a particular biblical passage.

2. they agree with the EFAC Australia Basis of Faith expressed in the EFAC Australia Constitution

3. they agree that they grant permission to users of the website to use the sermons presented here to inform their own preaching as per the following Section and our Terms and Conditions.

We expect that all contributors will be members of EFAC Australia and encourage general users who are Anglicans to also be members, This will help to cover the ongoing cost of providing this resource.

General Users

For general users of the website the sermons on this site are here to teach, encourage and challenge you and if you're a preacher, to help you develop your own expository preaching style. If you would like to use what you find here for your own preaching please feel free to do so with the following proviso: that you don't change the intent behind, or the theology of, the sermon and that if you publish your own sermon in any form you acknowledge the author by whose work you've been helped. See our Terms and Conditions.

As we believe that it is the Holy Spirit who inspires and empowers preachers to present God's Word to his people we do not hold any proprietary claim to the words that you will find here. Nevertheless we ask you to respect the study and thought that has gone into preparation of these sermons. If you use the work you find here please do not claim it as your own.

Preaching Training

For those interested in learning how to preach or improving their preaching we recommend The Centre for Biblical Preaching in Melbourne, which provides workshops, conferences, seminars, and mentoring for preachers, in order to equip churches throughout Australia and the rest of the world in expository preaching.  Their online resources are excellent.